About SemiSpare

SemiSpare was incorporated in 2004 as SemiSpare Computers & Electronics . As Organisation background is expertise in IT and other engineering fields , we provided quality of service to our customers. We are the leading importer of IT peripherals, Memory and processors, cd writers. Our specialty in providing quality Computer goods made us unique among other providers. Quality of service to its customers is our main objective.

From 2015 onwards we started online business.

We introduce new product such as laboratory goods like ph meters and tds meters at competitive prices. Some product are also manufactured by us like TDS bufer solution which is a unique product in India. It has the capability to reset the tds meter to its factory settings and provide accurate reading. In the future we are also going to Manufacture Ph buffers to calibrate ph meters.All the goods which we import are tested by us so we can provide Defect free goods to our customers.

We also introduce Agriculture goods Like Semispare Organic Neem Fertilizer, SemiSpare Compost and other Agriculture goods known as soil conditioners or non soil conditioners like SemiSpare Perlite and SemiSpare Vermiculite having optimum quality. All of these Agriculture goods comes under different packaging. Which starts from 950 Grams to 14.5 Kg.

On 2021 Semispare trademark is Registered.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority by providing quality goods and services. We thank our customers , our Service providers, Distribution Channel, Our Shipping partners, Banking channels, E merchant service providers and Leading Brands for making SemiSpare successful.

SemiSpare is registered in Delhi having GSTIN 07ALTPK6314P1ZD

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